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Throughout my time as a voice teacher, I have learned that every student learns differently and has different skills and shortcomings.  They have individual goals and are motivated in different ways.  For this reason, I believe in tailoring my teaching style to the individual student. I have found that my students can consistently rise to the challenge when given the opportunity and proper instruction.  I am a perceptive person who enjoys the challenge of finding a unique approach for each student in order to more effectively help them reach their goals and become a better singer, musician, and artist.

I love working with different types of personalities and voices. I am indeed a people person. Watching how much vocal improvement can help someone with their self confidence is truly remarkable! I love what I do!

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Chloé Moore


About Chloé

I am a professional Opera Singer and Voice Teacher. I began my vocal training at the age of 15.  In the years since, I have been fortunate to have a number of very skilled teachers who not only demanded the best from me, but showed a variety of very effective instruction techniques for vocal study.  Since that time, I have worked to incorporate the best techniques of my instructors as I developed my own teaching style.

I am able to teach in any style of music as healthy vocal technique is applicable to all styles.

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I tailor every lesson to the student to help them with their weaknesses, to reach their goals, and to build on the skills they already have. 

Typically in a lesson we do a warm-up and technical exercises for the first part of the lesson to work on breathing, and learning proper vocal technique. Then, we work on songs that you want to learn and try to apply the vocal technique learned in the warm-up to the songs that you would be  studying. 

I teach all styles of music and have students at varying levels, from beginner to professional!

All lessons are currently online given covid-19 guidelines. Video apps used are FaceTime, Skype, Messenger, and WhatsApp. 


$60 / hour

$45 / 45 minutes

$30 / 30 minutes

Payments can be made through PayPal and Venmo.

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Cancellations must be made before 10pm the night before. Any lessons cancelled after that point, are non-refundable and will have to be paid before another lesson is scheduled. 

If student arrives late, the lesson fee is to be paid in full and the teacher is not required to make up the part of the lesson that has been missed. The instructor will wait for the student for 20 minutes before leaving.

Lesson should be paid the day of the scheduled lesson. No further lessons will be scheduled until payment for the previous lesson has been received.

Students are required to bring a copy of their music for the teacher. If working from a recorded accompaniment, this recording must be sent to the teacher in advance of the lesson so that it can be ready to use for the lesson. 

If student is ill, please cancel lesson immediately. The lesson can always be rescheduled. A lesson with a sick student is unproductive for them and is putting the teacher at risk of getting sick if that lesson is in person.  

Moore Voice Studio Home: Bio


"Great teacher who can easily taylor the lesson to your individual ability and pushes you to be the best possible singer you can be. Highly recommend!"

-James D. (July 2017)

"Chloé is simply amazing! From the very first lesson she was incredibly relaxed and easy to get along with. She instantly knew what my weaknesses were and what to do to solve them. The way that she explains concepts is incredible and very easy to instantly apply to my voice. Chloé not only knows her stuff, but her personality makes each lesson just so pleasant and enjoyable to go too. She has helped my improve my voice so much and each lesson is the highlight of my week!"

-Jacob K. (June 2017)

"Chloé is so great at what she does!! I felt like she understood my voice and the things I was struggling with from Day 1! She's super great at being able to point out my strengths as well as where I need to improve. I look forward to working with her more soon!"

-Rob'n L. (June 2017)

"Chloé is the consummate talented voice teacher. She offers technical feedback in a warm and fun manner that quickly connects with my daughter, and results in improvements in a reduced amount of time. Chloé's professional is greatly appreciated as she communicates via email to ensure we are aware of our appointment, and she is always punctual. I am so thrilled that our friend shared Chloé's info with our family."

-Lisa N. (June 2017)

"She was able to make each lesson a great experience! Chloé worked with me in figuring out what exercises were best for my voice and skills to improve drastically. She not only managed to technically break down how to sing better, but she made it easier and more enjoyable!"

- Sydney B. (June 2017)

"Very personable and understanding! Great teacher and wants what's best for you."

- Quy L. (May 2017)

"Considering I know how to sing but have developed poor technique over the years. This lesson was just what I needed. I left feeling like I could finally breathe better. I must improve my technique and Chloé can help with that. She's very positive and outgoing and is good at making anxious types comfortable. She's also a really good Opera singer. Although, I am not into Opera per se, I appreciate the skill and plan to attend more often."

-Kara H. (May 2017)

"At my first visit, Chloé's assessment of my strengths and weaknesses was quite accurate. She is a great teacher; she shares her findings in a productive manner and provides exercises to strengthen weak areas. Her expertise in how to apply vocal theory to practice while making it interesting and customized to the student is exceptional."

-Jennifer J. (February 2017)

"This was only our first lesson/meeting, but it was quite good - challenging but supportive; she's enthusiastic, and has high expectations... which is a good thing in my book. Looking forward to scheduling more lessons with her after the holidays!"

-Drew A. (December 2016)

"Chloé is absolutely amazing!! I look forward to a long time relationship with her."

-Pierre L. (December 2016)

"I've had 3 lessons with Chloé so far and I'm very impressed and happy that I chose her to be my teacher. Chloé is a great teacher who not only encourages the student but also listens and answers questions. I've had bad experiences in the past with other teachers and it's exciting and refreshing working with Chloé. She has a lot of different ways to help you visualize what you want to achieve and has a great ear to realize exactly when you're cheating and doing things improperly. I'm very excited to be working with her and look forward to my improvement in the upcoming months. Highly recommended."

-Mike O. (October 2016)

"Chloé is a very professional and authentic person. She truly wants the best for her students and adapts well to needs each student. When I first started studying with Chloé 18 months ago, she took time to learn my voice and capabilities. In doing so, she created a trust from which she could genuinely push me to excellence, identify habits that needed improvement, and expose qualities and colors that had not been explored in my voice. She is always positive and pushing me to be the best vocalist I can be. It's a true pleasure to work with her and I can tell she gets real joy from watching her students progress and succeed. There is nothing better than singing well and watching her light up when what we've been working for is achieved. She is an excellent choice for a teacher and coach."

-Giuliana C. (October 2016)

"My 14 year old daughter has studied voice with Chloe for the last two years and she loves working with Chloé. Chloé is a patient and exacting teacher who focuses on proper vocal technique in a relaxed friendly manner. Chloé allows my daughter to bring in whatever music she is currently singing and guides her to understand the music and her voice better. Recently, my daughter took first place in a singing contest and will be singing two solos in Carnegie Hall in December - Chloé is a huge part my daughter's success!"

-Karen C. (September 2016)

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